How to Save, Edit and Share a Search

Once you've created your search under the Advanced Search section, you can easily save it for future reference. You can also share the complex search you've created with the specific user(s). 

To save a search, click the Save Search tab, name the search and confirm the Save action.

Review the list of saved searches under the Saved Searches section.

From this section you can: 

  1. Re-run the search
  2. Edit the search parameters and
  3. Share the search with a specific user or group of users
    The user you're sharing a search with will only be able to view and run the search but not to edit it.

If you need to share the saved search with some of your teammates, hit the Share tab and tick the user(s) you'd like to share the search with. Don't forget to apply the changes by hitting the Save tab.

Note that you'll need to have appropriate permissions to be able to save and share searches.

Read more about roles and permissions on Jatheon cCore archiving software at this link:



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