How to Use the Keyword List on Jatheon cCore

Instead of creating a multi-block, complex advanced search, a user can create a list of words and terms and then execute the advanced search against it.

To create a keyword list, find the keyword list tab under the search section and click the +Add button.

Name the new keyword list and give it a description for future reference. Populate the list with keywords, but note that the words need to be separated by a comma. The maximum number of characters is 3000.

If you need to modify an existing keyword list, select the keyword list, make the necessary edits and save the changes you've made.

After you've created your new keyword list, you can run a query against it. Go to the advanced search section, choose your search criteria (select the part of message you are searching through) and under the second drop-down menu, choose the has keyword option. Finally, select the desired keyword list and you're ready to run the search: 

Note that the user needs to have appropriate permissions to be able to manipulate the keyword list.

Read more about roles and permissions on Jatheon cCore archiving software at this link:


How to Configure and Manage User Roles



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