How to Create a User and Other User Management Options


Log in as the Administrator and switch to the Admin Menu view:

In the User Management section, locate the Users tab. Click the Add button and fill in the required fields: First name, Last name, Email address and set the Password.

Click the Save button to apply the changes you've made.


Additionally, you can add the newly-created user to a specific group, assign them with at least one role and give them the permission to search through other users' mailboxes by utilizing the Mailbox Association option. 

Read more about the User Roles:

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Read more about the Mailbox Association

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If you need to make additional changes such as modify the user, change the group, permissions or modify the password, you can do it by selecting the user, making the necessary changes and clicking the Save button.

To delete the user, simply click the Delete button after selecting the user to be deleted and confirm the deletion. Note that if you delete a user that was imported through the LDAP task, this user will be re-imported with the next LDAP synchronization.

Deleting the user from the system does not mean that you're deleting their emails from the appliance. You are just revoking permissions to the user to log into the Jatheon appliance. Emails are still archived and searchable by the Compliance Officer.


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