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1. Login to your Windows server with an Administrator user that can start the Exchange Management Shell 


2. Create a New Folder on the Desktop (or in any folder per your preference) and give it a name e.g Script 


3. In the folder, create a new txt file called MailboxList.txt and write the email addresses of the users you are exporting following the one-user-per-line rule.  Save the File. 


4. In the same folder create a new txt document with the following content:

# Specify the export folder path (UNC path)
$exportFolderPath = "\\WINSERV2019\Users\miles\Desktop\New_Export"

# Read mailbox names from MailboxList.txt
$mailboxList = Get-Content "C:\Users\miles\Desktop\Script\MailboxList.txt"

# Loop through each mailbox and request PST export
foreach ($mailboxName in $mailboxList) {
$exportFileName = "$exportFolderPath\$mailboxName.pst"

# Request PST export
New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $mailboxName -FilePath $exportFileName

Write-Host "PST export requested for mailbox: $mailboxName"



exportFolderPath is the sample UNC path to the target folder on the network share where you are exporting PST files (adjust accordingly) 

$mailboxList is the local path to the folder (Script) containing the MailboxList.txt file. (adjust accordingly)

Click Save as... from the Save as type dropdown menu select All Files and give it a name e.g export.ps1




5.  Start the Exchange Management Shell, navigate to the Script folder and trigger the export.ps1 script 


6. Once the PST file creation is done you can mount the target network share in the Jatheon Appliance and ingest the PST file(s) 

Please take a look at the following article: 
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