How to Set Up Okta SSO Integration

Supported Features

  • Service Provider (SP) - Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow - This authentication flow occurs when the user attempts to log in to the application from Jatheon Cloud.

Configuration Steps

To set up Okta SSO integration, you'll need to take the following steps:

  1. Install the Jatheon Cloud application in your Okta instance.
    1. Log into Okta with your administrator account.
    2. Click on Applications in the left menu.
    3. Under Applications, select Browse App Catalog option and search for Jatheon Cloud.
    4. Select Jatheon Cloud and click Add Integration.

  1. In the Jatheon Cloud application, go to Sign On tab and copy the values of Client ID and Client secret.

  2. In the Sign On tab, click on the link titled OpenID Provider Metadata. JSON document will be shown. Look for a key titled “issuer” at the beginning of the document and copy the URL value.

  3. You can give users/groups access to the Jatheon Cloud application in the Assignments tab. 
  4. Log in to Jatheon Cloud ( with your administrator account, then go to Company Settings and switch to Integrations tab. Click Add Okta Identifier.

    1. Enter the issuer URL value copied from OpenID Provider Metadata as Okta Identifier.
    2. Enter the Client ID and Client secret.

SP-initiated SSO

Users assigned to Jatheon Cloud Okta Application will now be able to log into Jatheon Cloud via

  1. Go to your login URL:<your-okta-subdomain>
    Note: if your Okta URL is, your Login URL is
  2. Click Log in with Okta

Keep in mind that user accounts won't be created in Jatheon Cloud until the initial SSO login.


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