Transferring Verizon Network Archiving Service from another vendor to Jatheon

To transfer Verizon Network Archiving Service from another vendor to Jatheon:

  1. Customer deprovisions all Verizon numbers in the Verizon Archiving Accounts
  2. Customer has the existing vendor deprovision all Verizon archiving accounts. Please note, the accounts can be deprovisioned only after all the numbers within the accounts have been deprovisioned.
  3. Customer informs Jatheon once the numbers and the accounts have been deprovisioned
  4. Jatheon requests Verizon to offboard customer’s ECPD from the archiving platform
  5. Verizon offboards customer’s ECPD and informs Jatheon
  6. Jatheon onboards customer’s archiving accounts
  7. The onboarded numbers receive an opt-in message from Verizon
  8. The end-user opts-in and Archiving begins

Please Note: Any messages exchanged over the Verizon numbers during this process will not be archived. Verizon recommends that the customer blocks messaging on the numbers until they are re-onboarded to avoid any data loss.

Important: By signing up for the service you agree to the Verizon Message Archiving service limitation and Terms and Conditions 


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