How to Manage Classification Tags

All the users on Jatheon Cloud with the default roles have access to the Classification Tags section. This permission is also granted to the users who have the Manage Classification Tags permission. 

Classification tags are shared with other people from the same organization.

These tags are listed in the Classifications section in a table which consists of the following columns:


  • Tag Color – you can change the color directly from the table, by clicking the arrow and choosing a new color in the color picker
  • Tag Name – the actual name of the tag
  • Expunge Time – the time when the emails will be deleted from the archive (in case there aren't any Legal Hold or Retention Tags that the emails are tagged with and that would prevent deletion)
  • Type and Search Term – Regular Classification (we will have another type in the future) and search term that is used for this tag
  • Date Created – the date when the Tag was created
  • Created By – the email of the user who created the tag
  • Actions – Edit and Delete action 


You can sort all the columns except for the Type and Search Term, Emails and Actions. Initially, Classification Tags are presented in alphabetical order. There is also standard pagination (set to 50 by default), but you can also present 10, 25 and 100 items on a page. 

Creating a Classification Tag

To create a Classification Tag:

  1. Log into your Jatheon Account
  2. Head over to the Classifications section
  3. Click the New Classification Tag button
  4. A form will appear presenting the following fields:
    • Tag Name (max 30 characters)
    • Tag Color (set to red by default) – click the down arrow to open the color picker
    • Visibility - Everyone or Users with the Admin permission
    • Assignability - Everyone or Users with Admin permission
    • Date Range - custom expunge date range that the user can choose
    • Classification Search Term - Search Term that will be used in order to get the appropriate results that will be automatically tagged with the Classification Tag

Once you fill out the fields and click the Save button, a toast notification will appear to let you know that you have created a Tag. The newly created Tag will appear in the Tag list. You can also cancel the action by clicking the Cancel button. 


Only the users with Manage Classification permission will be able to Create the new Tag. 

Editing a Classification Tag

To edit a Classification Tag, hover over a Tag's row. The Edit option will show up. Once you click on it, a form will show up, where you can edit the information about this Tag. 

Once you are done editing, you can either save the changes by clicking the Save button (a toast notification will appear to let you know that the action was completed) or cancel the action by clicking the Cancel button. You can also delete the Tag by clicking the Delete option.

Only the users with Manage Classification permission will be able to Edit the Tag. 

Deleting a Classification Tag

You can find the Delete option under the More menu button (look for the '𝌀' symbol). Click on it, and a confirmation pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion since the Tag will be removed from all the emails where it was previously applied. 


The Delete action will only exist for the Tag creator.


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