How to Install and Configure aws_cli

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1. Once aws_cli is installed in order to check and confirm open Windows CMD and type in:

aws --version 



2.  In order to configure aws_cli to work with your dedicated S3 storage enter:

aws configure 

Enter aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key and leave everything else as default. 
Please note that these keys are provided to you in id_client-iam_accesskeys.csv file during account creation or by Jatheon Support Team. 

3. Usage examples: 
Your customer_id is a unique number that you can find in your Jatheon Cloud journaling email address or in the name of the csv file. 

To copy a single file (replace customer_id with your unique id)

aws s3 cp D:\\files\\PST\\test2.pst s3://jatheon-import/customer_id/


To sync the content of the entire folder (replace customer_id with your unique id):

aws s3 sync D:\\files\\PST s3://jatheon-import/customer_id/


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