How to Get Onboarded for WhatsApp Cloud Archiver

WhatsApp Cloud Archiver: 

  • Uses regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp Bussiness apps from Google Play or App Store
  • Requires a simple scan of QR code - no additional app installation 
  • Can capture all text, images, multimedia, files
  • Does not capture voice calls 
  • Uses a parallel Web session running on Microsoft Azure 


Onboarding starts with downloading and submitting the User Setup Form to Jatheon Support.
The form is available for download here:
WCA User Setup Form 

The required fields are

  • First and Last name 
  • WhatsApp phone number
  • email address 


Once the form is submitted and within 2-4 working days the submitted users will receive an email containing the following information and instructions: 

  • the phone number for which WhatsApp Cloud Archiving Service is activated 
  • link pointing to the QR code that needs to be scanned to activate the service 
  • Instructions on how to scan the QR code from WhatsApp application using the phone camera 






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