How to Search for Social Media Content

Please note that only Compliance Officers and users with the permission to run advanced social search can access and look for Social Media Content. 

The search for Social Media Content is found in the same section as Simple and Advanced Email search. You will find it under a separate tab called Social Media Search, i.e. the third tab in the Search section. 

This search is split into several elements.

1. The first dropdown is the selection of Social Media Accounts, e.g. the Facebook Page(s) or WhatsApp Users that you want to search through. You can select all (by default, they will all be selected), unselect all and select just some.


2. The second dropdown is where you select the Content type. Each Social Media has a different set of content types. For example, Facebook Page has a Post, Comment, Photo, Video, whereas WhatsApp has a Message, Document, Audio etc. So, for each different Social Media, you will find all the possible types listed in case you want to search for a specific one. 


3. The third dropdown is where you select basic search criteria. You can currently choose From, To, Chat NameMessage Content, Tags and Notes as search criteria, depending on whether you want to search for the content sent by or to a specific user, chat name, content of the message, tag or notes, respectively.


4. The fourth dropdown is where you select all other search criteriaContains All, Contains Any, Does Not Contain Any, Contains Phrase, Does Not Contain Phrase, Contains Keywords, Does Not Contain Keywords.


5. The last field is where you can enter a Keyword you want to search for. We've enabled the Search button here to help you run a search based on a specific keyword and all other search criteria.

Similar to Advanced Search, you can Add Field by clicking on the link so that the operator between the entered criteria is AND.

Also, you can Add Block by clicking on it and the operator between the blocks will be OR. To remove the field, click on the can icon. To remove a block, click on Remove Block link. 


In the top bar, you can choose the Date From and To from the calendar in order to narrow down your search.


Once you click the Search button, the search results will appear as a list with the following information:

  • Social Media they are related to
  • Content Type
  • The User who posted it
  • Date/Time
  • Attachment icon, in case attachments are included

Note that you can also click on each of the search results and then see the single result view on the right side, which will show you the full content of the search result. 


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