Jatheon cCore Deployment Checklist

1. Overview: Resource Requirements

Customer to provide for installation:

  • 1x 2U (or 1U) rack space
  • 1 standard power outlet
  • 1 gigabit Ethernet connection to the network
  • Mounting hardware for a 2U server including rack ears and bolts
  • 2 IPs, 1 DNS name (letters and numbers only), mail server hostname, network
  • An idle computer on local network with TeamViewer installed
  • Access to the configuration of the email platform and a technician familiar with it


Jatheon to provide for installation:

  • Jatheon Support Engineer
  • All relevant documentation



2. Procedure and Roles


1. Racking, powering on and initial network configuration

Customer: Rack the appliance, power on and configure the network, ping the appliance
from the local network.
Documentation: Hardware Installation Manual

2. Detailed network configuration, software, and firmware upgrade

Customer: Provide the following information to Jatheon Support Engineer:

  • DNS record for the FQDN of the Jatheon appliance
  • name server,
  • 1 additional IP address for IPMI configuration
  • mail server FQDN and IP for MTA setup.

Jatheon Support Engineer:

  • Configure network with additional parameters
  • configure MTA
  • apply software and firmware upgrades.

(Once this is complete, the appliance is ready to accept and archive emails) 


3. Email server configuration

Customer: Provide a technician familiar with email server configuration

Jatheon Support Engineer: Assist with journaling configuration and provide
configuration documentation.


NOTE: Please notify the assigned Jatheon support engineer if you are under HYBRID environment

(O365/Exchange On-Prem) 

4. Legacy data ingestion

Customer: Export legacy data from the existing mail server in PST or EML format and
copy the data to NFS or CIFS shared drive that can be accessed by Jatheon appliance.

Jatheon Support Engineer: Configure, execute and overview the Ingestion Task.

5. Other settings

Customer: Provide LDAP connection credentials

Jatheon Support Engineer: Configure LDAP connection and import users,
provide documentation for and assist with Outlook Plugin deployment.

Documentation: Outlook Plugin Manual

6. Training

Customer: Notify Jatheon about the desired training levels and schedule a time with a
Support Engineer.

Jatheon Support Engineer: Provide all relevant documentation and give training


For all additional questions, please contact Jatheon Support Department at


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