How to Get Onboarded for Facebook Archiving

To set your Facebook Page for archiving, our Support Team Member will contact you and ask for the email of the user who is an Admin for the page(s) that you wish to archive. 

Once you provide that information, the Support Team Member will be able to set that Admin for your Organization's Facebook Page(s) and the user will get an email with a link that will take them to Facebook, where it will be necessary to give the Jatheon Cloud app permissions.


The user will also need to select the pages that they wish to be archived on Jatheon Cloud. 



The archiving will start as soon as the page(s) are successfully connected. 

In case your organization wants to add more Facebook Page(s) for archiving, the same process should be repeated, i.e. you should provide the email of the Facebook Page Admin so that they can receive an email and connect the appropriate page(s). 


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