How to Set Up a Secure LDAP Connection


Affected Version: cCore 1.1.26 and up
Role: Admin 


To configure the LDAP connection, log in and go to the Admin menu in the bottom left corner.

In the Admin menu, go to the User Management section and select the LDAP tab. You’ll see the list of all the existing LDAP connections.




For the LDAP connection, set the port to 636 (the standard value for secured LDAP access, adjust if necessary) and then select the SSL Authentication option.



Save the connection and refresh the connection list. The Get SSL Certificate button should be enabled for this connection.


Click the button and the LDAP server certificate should appear in a new window if the connection parameters have been set properly. Click Save to download the server certificate as a file to your local machine.



 To install the certificate, navigate to the System/SSL Certificates page. 




Use the section Import root certificate, click Choose File to browse for the downloaded certificate file and then click Upload

Click Import and then click Restart Web Server.

Go back to the LDAP Connections page and test the secure LDAP connection. If everything is configured, the test should be successful.

If you need to add additional certificates, use the Import intermediate certificate option and set a unique alias.


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