How to Download a User List

To be able to Download a User List, you first need to log into your Jatheon Cloud platform as an MSP Admin, Account Admin or the user with the appropriate Manage Users permissions. 

Once you log in, head to the Users section of your MSP Admin/Jatheon Cloud platform.

Under the Users section, MSP Admins can manage all the users that belong to any of their clients. In case of an Account Admin, only the users that belong to their Client will be shown. 

There is another option you'll see - Download All Users, to the right of the bulk actions. Once you click on this option, you will initiate the download of the user list in the .CSV format. The .CSV file will contain the list of all the Users that belong to this particular Client. 


This option can be quite useful in cases when you need to update one of the following user fields, e.g. Phone number:


Once the list is updated, the user data can be updated by going through the Import Users flow. 



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