How to Set Up LDAP

As an Account Admin/MSP Admin, you'll be able to set up LDAP for your organization. To do so, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Log into Jatheon Cloud as an Account Admin/MSP Admin
  2. Account Admins – Click the main header dropdown and choose Company Settings


    MSP AdminsGo to the Clients section and click on the Edit option for the Client you want to set the LDAP


  3. Go to the LDAP tab and you'll see a New Connection button. Click it to add a new connection.

  4. Once you click the New Connection button, you'll be presented with a window, where you'll need to enter all the fields, except the Certificate field, which is optional:

    - LDAP Connection Name
    - Host – you'll need to enter the host here, e.g.
    - Port – set to 636 by default
    - Server Mapping (options presented below) – you'll need to select one (MS Active Directory is set by default)
    - Filter – set to objectClass=user by default
    - Base DN – you'll need to enter the Base DN here, e.g. dc=example
    - User DN (User distinguished name) – you'll need to enter the User DN here
    - Password – you'll need to enter the password here (combination with User DN will be used to establish the connection)
    - Certificate – this is where you can paste your certificate code (optional)


Click the Save button to confirm the LDAP connection and you'll be presented with a toast notification confirming its successful creation.

There can be more than one LDAP connection. In that case, they will be presented in the table with the following columns:

  • Connection Name
  • Host and Port
  • Base Domain
  • Certificate Status (green if there is a certificate entered; gray in case there's no certificate)
  • Action column with the options to Test Connection, Connect or Delete


You should test your connection before connecting. To do so, click the Test Connection option from the more menu of the connection you would like to test. 

In case there's something wrong with the connection, you'll be presented with the error toast notification.

In case everything's ok with the connection, you'll be presented with a toast notification:


To connect to the entered LDAP connection, click the Connect option from the more menu of the connection you'd like to connect to. 

You'll be presented with the Loading popup. Once the data is obtained, you'll be able to choose the users you want to import (by clicking the checkbox next to their name) and assign them with an appropriate role*.

*The User role is set by default, but you'll be able to choose any role that exists in your organization from the dropdown.



You'll then be presented with a toast notification listing the number of users that were imported or updated successfully. 

In case you want to edit any of the connection fields, click the Edit option that appears once you hover over the row of the Connection you'd like to change. Once you edit the fields, you'll get the success toast notification. 

If you wish to delete an LDAP connection, click the Delete option that appears in the more menu of the connection row. You'll get the toast notification to confirm the successful action. Please note that there is no double confirmation.  

If you need any help while setting the LDAP connection, please contact


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