How to Configure O365 to Journal to Jatheon Cloud

To create a new journaling rule in the Compliance Management menu on O365 and set the Send Journal reports to the provided journaling address, you need to complete the following steps:

1.  Navigate to

Log into the Microsoft Purview compliance portal with Microsoft 365 admin account. Click on Data Lifecycle Management and select the Exchange Legacy the left-hand side of the screen:



Note that you will need to specify the mailbox to receive undelivered journaling reports. Use the "Send undelivered journal reports to" option to choose the mailbox. NDR is required by Microsoft as a safety matter if for any reason journalling address can not be reached. This should be a dedicated local mailbox.


2. Click the "NEW RULE +" to create a new rule. Fill out the required fields:

• Under "Send journal reports to", type in the journaling email address provided 
• Give a name to the new rule – preferably, Jatheon
• Under "If the message is sent to or received from..." – choose "Apply to all messages"
• Under "Journal the following messages" – choose "All messages"
3. Once you save the changes, you should see that the new rule has been created. Make sure it is set as On (Enabled).


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