How to Search Through Different Mailboxes on the Search Page

The Search page has three different scenarios depending on your permissions and added or associated mailboxes:

  1. You are a user with no added user or associated mailboxes - no matter whether you have a permission to view other users' emails or not, there will be no Mailbox dropdown in this case.

  2. You are a user with at least one additional mailbox added - you will see a Mailbox dropdown presenting all the mailboxes that were added, including your primary one.


  3. You are a user with at least one associated mailbox - you will see a Mailbox dropdown presenting your primary mailbox and any other user mailbox in the User Mailboxes list and all the Mailbox Association list presenting all the associated mailboxes.


Initially, your primary mailbox will be selected. Also, in case you change the mailbox selection, it will be saved during that browser session.

In case you do have the permission to view other users' mailboxes, you will see an All Client Mailboxes switch above all the mailboxes. When it is switched on, the search will be performed for all mailboxes of your Client. In case it is switched off, you will need to select at least one mailbox to be able to proceed with a Simple Search based on a search term. The number between the brackets presents the total number of mailboxes that will be searched through. 



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