How to Log Into Jatheon Cloud and Go Through the Forgot Password Flow

To access the Jatheon platform, you need to go to the Login screen and enter your credentials. You need to be a verified user to be able to log in. 


Once you enter your Email Address and Password, the Log in button will become enabled and you will be able to log into the platform.

In case you entered wrong credentials, you will get a validation message to let you know the credentials you have entered are incorrect and that you should try again.

In case you are not sure whether you entered the correct password, you can click the Show option inside the Password field and see the Password you have entered. 

Forgot Password Flow

In case you cannot remember the password that you have set, you should go through the Forgot Password flow by clicking the Forgot Password? link in the Login form. 

This will open a new page. Enter the Email Address you have registered with and click the Send Reset Password Email button.


You will be presented with a page that shows the email address to which the email with the Reset Password will be sent. In that email, you will receive a link that you need to click on. 


Please note that this link is valid for 24 hours only. 


Once you click this button, you will be presented with the Reset Password page, where you will need to set and confirm your new password. 


Please make sure that your new Password meets the requirements:
Must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z), uppercase letter (A-Z), number (0-9) and special character (!@#$%&+*^()_).

Both passwords you have entered need to match and you need to click the Set New Password button to proceed.


Finally, you will be presented with a confirmation message to let you know that you have successfully changed your password. You are now all set to log in with your new credentials. 


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