How to Join Jatheon Cloud as a New Client

It takes just a few minutes to create a Jatheon Cloud account. 

You'll first need to visit and fill in this registration form:



You'll need to enter the following fields:

  • Company Name – the name of your organization
  • First Name – your first name
  • Last Name – your last name
  • Work Email Address – the email address you'll be using to log into the platform
  • Password – the password you'll be using to log into the platform*

    *Please pay attention to the password rules.

Please note that the credentials that you provide here will be set as the Account Admin on the Jatheon Cloud Platform. 

The Sign Up for Jatheon Cloud button will become active only once you enter all the required fields.

Once you click the Sign Up button, you'll be presented with another form - Account Information. You'll also receive an email to verify your email address and be able to log into the platform.

The second form will consist of the following fields:

  • Billing Person – the first name and last name of the person in your organization that we should contact about billing
  • Billing Email Address – the valid email address of the Billing Person
  • Website – your organization's website
  • Phone number – the contact phone number for your organization
  • Street address, City, State and Country 

Please note that all these fields are mandatory. 


Only when you've entered all the fields, you'll be able to click the Continue to Configuration button and you will be presented with the Account Configuration form.

In this registration step, you'll need to provide some configuration related information:

  • Geo-fencing –  choose the AWS region where your data will be stored (the USA or Canada)
  • Mail server – choose your mail server (Google, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365)
  • Domain(s) - enter at least one valid domain that your organization is using
  • Timezone - choose the timezone of your organization (by default it is set to UTC)
  • Analyzer Language - the language we should be using for Elastic Search analyzer - currently we support English and German language


Once you click the Complete Registration button, you'll be presented with the success page containing your IAM credentials. 

As soon as you verify your account by clicking the verification link in the email we sent you, you'll receive another email containing the journaling email. You'll then be able to set everything up on your end and start using the Jatheon Cloud platform.


Please make sure to save these credentials before you continue the account setup. 

In case you're having trouble setting up your account, please contact Jatheon Support


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