How to Use Jatheon cCore Dashboard

Affected software version: 1.1.26 and up
Role: Admin 

The Dashboard provides basic information on the disk and RAM memory usage, health status and the statistics on the Jatheon appliance. Please note that the new statistics feature is available only if Jatheon's cCore appliance is running on software version 1.1.22 or newer.


This is a short overview of the Dashboard section on the Jatheon appliance web interface. To access the Dashboard, you’ll need to have admin permissions on the appliance and go to the Admin Menu section. 

Once there, the first tab on the top left is the Dashboard:


The Dashboard section consists of 3 pages: System Info, Email Statistics and New Statistics.

System Info

The System Info tab gives basic information about the usage and health of your appliance. The first thing you’ll see at the top is the Refresh button along with a drop-down menu that allows you to configure auto refresh (disabled by default). Pressing the refresh button will refresh the information displayed on this page.

On the left, you’ll see the information about the RAM usage (allocated), disk usage, swap memory usage, root partition usage, as well as search engine RAM and disk usage.


On the right, you’ll see the health information about the appliance as well as CPU temperature, the number of processed emails and number of emails waiting to be processed (pending emails).


Email Statistics

The Email Statistics tab allows you to find statistics on every aspect of the appliance operation. You can filter these by total number of messages on the appliance, number of duplicates, number of attachments and you can also select the size scale you wish to have displayed (KB, MB or GB). You can get daily or hourly reports and select the date range you wish to generate statistics for. Once it’s all configured, you can press the Show Report button and the appliance will generate and display the statistics for the selected parameters below.


The email statistics tab also has 3 sub tabs. The first is Graph Statistics, outlined above. The other two are Email Statistics, which displays the same results without the graphs and can be copied easily, and Schedule Statistic Mailer.

The Schedule Statistic Mailer tab allows you to schedule and send statistics reports to specific email addresses. Instead of logging in to the web interface every time and running the task manually, you can get the stat reports directly to your inbox.

New Statistics

The New Statistics tab of the dashboard displays more detailed statistics such as how many of the total number of emails were internal, incoming or outgoing, average email size, average attachment size, average emails per day/month/year, as well as the average search time and maximum search time. It will also show RAM usage, disk usage etc. Note that it may take a while to display these new advanced statistics, as this is a very demanding feature.






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