How to Configure Backup

Affected software version: 1.1.26 and up
Role: Admin 

Configuring backup is a two-step process. First, there needs to be enough space on your network drive prepared for Jatheon Support to create a volume capable of accepting the Backup snapshots from your Jatheon cCore appliance.  After the network drive is ready, and Jatheon Support team is done working on the share, you can configure your backup task. Our support team will usually run the initial backup for you once everything is prepared, and you can set up incremental backups based on your needs.

To configure the backup task, log in to your Jatheon cCore appliance with admin privileges, and switch from search menu to Admin menu, as shown in the picture below. 

In the Backup menu, select NFS Backup, and after you click the Edit button, you can set up your backup task.

You can enter the email address for the Notification Recipient, type in your Destination drive location, select between Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One time run. Select task start date and time (make sure you select the time in the future), and click on Disable/Enable button to choose whether you want to enable or disable the task. You can then save the task and it will run at the scheduled time. Alternatively, you can click on the Execute Now button if you want to run the task manually.


Take a look at the short tutorial video :



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