How to Set Custom Roles

On Jatheon Cloud, you can use Roles to determine different levels of permissions for the user(s). This highly customizable option makes this system unique as you can adjust Roles to suit each User or group of Users and their position within the company. You can create as many Roles as you want.rl.png

Jatheon Cloud comes with 3 predefined default Roles: Admin, Compliance Officer and End User.

To configure the Roles on Jatheon Cloud, you need to log in with Admin privileges (by default Account admin has this permission) and follow the next steps:

Creating Roles

To create a new Role, select the Roles section in the side menu and click the New Role button.

Then, fill in the required fields

Name the new Role and add a description. Use switches to assign appropriate permissions to the new Role. User(s) who are assigned this Role will be able to perform different actions depending on the settings specified in this section. In other words, users will/won't have some permissions.


Configuring Roles

Here is the complete list of actions you can assign to a Role. For an easier overview, actions are divided into sections.

Deleting Roles

To delete a role, select the Role you want to delete and click the Delete button. You can also delete it from the Edit slide out. Please note that you will not be able to delete a Role in case it is already assigned to at least one user and you will be presented with the popup stating that. 


You can also modify an existing role. Click the Edit button and change the settings regarding permissions, name etc. 

Once a new Role is created, go to the User section, select the User you want to customize and click the Edit button.

Once there, you will be able to select any existing Role from the drop-down menu and then click the Save button to keep the changes.




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