How to Manage POP3/IMAP Connections for an Account

In case email ingestion is supposed to be done by using POP3/IMAP connections, they need to be set properly first.

Setting the POP/IMAP Connections

MSP Admins will be able to set these connections by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into Jatheon Platform as an MSP Admin
  2. Head over to the Clients section
  3. Find the client that you want to set POP3/IMAP connections for
  4. Click the Edit link that appears once you hover over the row of the Client that you wish to edit 
  5. Go to POP3/IMAP tab


Click the New Connection button and a pop-up window will appear listing the fields that need to be entered in order to create POP3/IMAP connection.

The fields that you'll need to enter are:

  • Connection Name – the unique name of the connection
  • Type – POP3 or IMAP (some of the fields will be different depending on which one you choose)
  • Server address – fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the target server
  • PortIMAP: set to 143 by default and 993 (if TLS is Enabled), POP3: 110 and 995 (if TLS is Enabled)
  • Mailbox Folder – set to INBOX by default 
  • TLS Enabled – Transport Layer Security switched off by default
  • Delete After Download – if the obtained documents should be deleted from servers once they are download – switched off by default
  • Username 
  • Password 
  • Batch Size – set to 10 (unchangeable) – IMAP only (Note: this will be changeable at some point in the future)
  • Batch Size (KB) – set to 100 (unchangeable) – IMAP only (Note: this will be changeable at some point in the future)
  • Max Message Size (MB) – set to 10 by default (in case there are more, they will be totally skipped; in case of deletion, they will not be removed from the server)
  • Limit message retrieval – messages that will be retrieved in single file execution – switched off by default
  • Max Messages Per Execution – in case Limit message retrieval switch is switched off, this field is set to Indefinitely (unchangeable); in case it is switched on, the default value for Max Messages Per Execution is set to 1000)

Once you click the Save button, you'll see a notification confirming that the settings have been saved.

One Client can have more than one connection set. 

Editing the Connections

Each connection can be edited by clicking the Edit link that appears once you hover over the row of the Connection that you wish to edit. 


Testing the Connections

The connections can be tested by clicking the Test Connection option in the More menu (represented with ) and it will either state the successful connection or failure connecting in case something went wrong. 

Deleting the Connections

The connections can be deleted by clicking the Delete option under the More menu. You'll see a notification confirming that the deletion was successful.

Each connection is set to be triggered every 30 minutes. With every trigger, a new row is created in the Task Report table, listing the basic task info:

  • Date & Time when it was started
  • Type – POP3 or IMAP
  • Host – Connection server
  • Duration
  • Total – the total number of emails found in the entered Mailbox folder
  • Received – total number of emails received 
  • Status – Success or Failed





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