How to Configure the LDAP Connection on Jatheon cCore

Affected Version: cCore 1.1.26 and up
Role: Admin 

Jatheon's cCore appliances support integration with LDAP directories. We currently support synchronization with Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, Lotus Domino and Gordano, but custom mappings are supported too. The cCore appliance stores only the
usernames locally. User authentication is done via the LDAP server for each login attempt.

To configure the LDAP connection, please follow the following procedure: Log in and  go to the Admin menu in the bottom left corner.

In the Admin menu, click on the User Management section and select the LDAP tab. You’ll see the list of all existing LDAP connections.

Under the LDAP tab, click on LDAP Mappings section. All the servers created here will be available under the LDAP Connections tab.

The following table explains all fields, their functions and use:

After you've created the server for mapping, click on LDAP Connection in the LDAP Mappings section and select the Add button. Fill out all the required fields and don't forget to save your changes.

The following table describes the information you need to enter:



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