How to Set Up the Global Expunge Task

The Expunge task allows you to automatically or manually delete emails older than certain age. To configure this task on the Jatheon cCore appliance, follow these instructions:

Log in and go to the Admin menu in the bottom left corner:


Once in the Admin menu, click on Message Source on the left and select Expunge Emails tab. You'll then see Expunge and History sections. Select the Expunge tab and edit the task by setting up the number of years/months/days you want to keep emails in the archiving system.



All emails older than specified will be deleted from the appliance once the Expunge task is triggered and finished. Fill in the recipient email field to be notified once the task is done. Please note that this task can take a while depending on the size of your archive. 

You can start the Expunge task manually by hitting the Execute Now tab or you can automate it as per schedule. Make sure the task status is set to Enabled and don't forget to Save the changes after altering the task properties.

The History Section

The history section of the Expunge task contains the history and details of all successful tasks, tasks with errors, interrupted tasks or tasks with warnings. When Success drop-down menu is set on blank, it will display all logs. Don't forget to select the period (the date range) for which you'd like to review the logs.

The Expunge task is very demanding as it goes through the whole database, checks messages older than the specified age and checks through policies. As a result, it may take a while to finish, especially if it has never been run before and if the database is huge. If scheduled, we recommend setting this task on a weekly or daily basis, some time after your working hours.

Need more info? Watch this video explaining how to set up the global Expunge task, how to delete emails before the specified global expunge period and how to exclude emails from the deletion process:




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