How to Set Up the IMAP Task

To set up the IMAP connection on the cCore appliance, log in as the administrator and switch to the Admin menu view: 


Once under the Admin menu, go to the Message source/IMAP/IMAP connections and click on the Add new connection.

Fill in the required fields. Use port 993 or 143 depending on the TLS requirements. You can also select the Delete after download option if you want. Leave the Batch size/Batch size (KB)/Maximum message size (MB) with the default values. It can be modified later if necessary.

Test the connection to verify that it has been set up properly and that there is communication between the Jatheon cCore appliance and the mail server.

Once you've verified that the IMAP connection is working properly, you can execute the task to retrieve emails. Click on the Scheduler button and Edit the task. Add the email address that will receive the log once the task is complete and select the connection you want to execute. Keep the task set as Disabled if you are running one time execution and Save the changes you've made. Hit the Execute now button.

If you need to retrieve emails from the mailbox on a regular basis, Enable the task and select the proper time frame for the task to automatically reoccur. 

History section 

Click on the History button to review the logs for all executed IMAP tasks and select the time frame you want to inspect the logs for.





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