How to Use the "Add to Clipboard" Option on Jatheon cCore

Once under the Search Menu, you'll see the Clipboard tab. When you click on it, you'll see the content that's added to Clipboard. It will be empty for now.

To add emails to Clipboard, run any search, select the emails you'd like to copy* to Clipboard (or use the checkbox to select all emails) and click on the Add to Clipboard icon. 

* similar to the copy/paste function under most operating systems.

All emails selected in the previous step will appear in the Clipboard content space.  

Move to the search tab and run another search (Simple or Advanced). Select emails (or use the checkbox to select all) that you would like to add to the Clipboard. Click on the Add to clipboard icon to execute the action.

Check the Clipboard content space and you'll see all emails added in the previous two steps. You can run as many different searches as you want and keep selecting and adding emails.  

You can additionally review and remove emails from the Clipboard. The emails can't and won't be removed from the cCore appliance, just from this temporary collection.

Clipboard allows you to manipulate emails obtained from different searches. You can perform actions such as export, restore, download etc. in the same way you would normally do with all other search results. You can choose to manipulate all or only selected items.



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