How to Activate/Deactivate a User

To change the status of existing users on Jatheon Cloud, you will need to log in as a user who has the Suspend user permission enabled (by default, these are either Account Admin or MSP Admin).

First, head over to the Users section in the side menu and find the user whose status you want to change. From this point on, there are two different ways in which you can activate/deactivate a user.

First option: Click Edit (the option will show up once you hover over the wanted user's row) and a new page will appear where you can change the status from Active to Inactive, or vice versa. 

To apply the changes you've made, remember to click the Save button.


Second option: Click the More menu button (represented by the 𝌀 symbol) on the far right. Then select either the Activate or Deactivate option depending on the user's current status.

deact.png A success toast notification will show up, confirming that you have successfully activated or deactivated a user.



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