How to Log Into the Fido PHP User Interface

The Fido PHP User Interface is used during the initial setup of your archiving appliance to assign the default network parameters.

The login page for the Fido PHP UI is on the port 8080. Simply type the IP or the FQDN of your appliance in the URL section of your browser and add ":8080" like in the example:

You'll be presented with the screen shown on the screenshot below. Type the credentials provided by Jatheon Support during the initial setup. If you don't have the credentials, please reach out to Jatheon Support, who will provide you with the username and password.


Fido PHP UI allows you to modify the appliance settings (such as the time zone or the time server) and network configuration (such as the IP address of the appliance or the DNS server). Fido PHP UI can also be used to turn off or reboot the appliance remotely or to easily restart the web server.




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