How to Configure the IPMI LAN

The IPMI LAN tool is a subsystem that provides management and monitoring capabilities. It enables access to the Jatheon cCore appliance even if the OS is down and is used by Jatheon Support for troubleshooting. 

To configure the IPMI on the Jatheon cCore email archiving appliance, log into the Fido-PHP user interface. You'll notice the IPMI IP section on the left hand side of the welcome screen:


If you're unsure how to log into Fido-PHP, you can read more about it here:

How to Log into the Fido PHP User Interface

Once in Fido-PHP, click the IPMI IP tab and fill in the required fields:

  • the IP address of the IPMI tool,
  • Default Gateway IP and
  • Subnet mask.

and apply the changes you've made by clicking Submit.

The login page for the Fido PHP UI is on port 8080. Simply type the IP or the FQDN of your appliance in the URL section of your browser and add ":8080" like in the example:



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