How to Use Fuzzy Search

Do you sometimes need to search for a specific word in an email, but aren't sure if it was spelled right? You can now use Fuzzy Search, as part of our Simple Search. This functionality can find and retrieve misspellings and typos.

To find the Fuzzy Search option, head to the Search section.



Note that Fuzzy Search is switched off by default.

Once Fuzzy Search is on, there will always be a flag in the Search field to indicate that the Fuzzy Search is in use. 



Running a Fuzzy Search

The search is performed against the search term and filters you entered, while also taking into consideration the fuzziness of the entered term. 

Our Fuzzy Search is based on the following rules:

  • The word needs to have at least 3 characters for the Fuzzy Search to run.
  • In case a word is 3-5 characters long, only one letter difference is allowed.
  • For words over 5 characters, only two letters difference is allowed.
  • The maximum number of different matching terms is 50.
  • In case more than one term is entered (separated with space), Fuzzy Search will be performed for each term entered.

Once the term is found in the Search Results according to the fuzzy rules, it will be highlighted in orange

In the example below, notice how the word "imigration" is misspelled but the Search Results also highlights the word "immigration", as the Fuzzy Search function is turned on.




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