How to Configure Folder Synchronization

With folder synchronization, you can synchronize any LDAP user's folders from their Outlook with the Jatheon cCore archiving system.

After folder synchronization is properly configured and initiated, any LDAP user that was selected for folder synchronization can log into the system and have all their folders/structure and emails displayed like in their email client (Outlook).

To configure folder synchronization, log in as Admin and go to the Admin menu in the bottom left corner:  

Once you're in the Admin menu, click Message Source on the left and then select the Folder Synchronization tab.

Here's the list of fields and actions you'll be able to perform there:

Under the Folder Synchronization Tab, there's a History section, where the Admin can see the history and details of all successful tasks, tasks with errors or tasks with warnings.

When the success drop-down is set to blank, all tasks will be displayed.



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    Tim Toepp

    Doesn't show how to setup for those on o365

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