How to enable Zoom Archiving on Jatheon Cloud

In order to enable Zoom Archiving for your company, one of your Administrators or the custom role users with Company Settings permission needs to do the following steps:

Prerequisites: Please add your Zoom Administrator as a Jatheon Cloud user first (the registered user needs to use exactly the same email as the Zoom Admin account)

  1. Go to Company Settings section
  2. Select Social Media & Chat tab
  3. Click on Add Social Media 

You should select Zoom option and the popup will appear:

You need to select here the user that will get the onboarding email and that is actually Zoom Admin so that he/she could connect the appropriate Zoom account.

This is the email that is being sent to the selected user:



The Admin should click on Connect Zoom Account button and enable archiving for Jatheon Cloud. There will be one more confirmation on Jatheon Cloud page and from that moment on, all the recordings that take place on the connected Zoom account will be archived and visible on Jatheon Cloud. 



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