How to use special characters - Simple/Advanced Search rules, limitations and conditions

Here are some guidelines on - how to use special characters, search limitations, and general rules when running Simple/Advanced searches

Special Characters are considered as white space when performing the search, this allows for finding the strings that contain Special Characters. 


Within the keyword list, all phrases containing special characters will be excluded from the search
Max number of characters in the Keyword list is 3000
Terms in the keyword list need to be comma separated
You can use mail addresses under the keyword list section if you are searching through the condition "Mailbox"( From, To, CC, BCC, Recipients).

When searching for the mailbox, always use the condition "contains phrase" ( can not use "contains all")
Condition: contains any/all/phrase – must have at least 3 characters ( No spaces allowed within those 3 letters ).

Special characters are not allowed when running Simple/Advanced searches - special characters are ignored when part of a phrase:




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