Outlook Plugin for Jatheon Cloud

In order to start using the Jatheon Cloud through your Outlook, you will need to download the latest Outlook plugin from the Jatheon web repository:





Download the appropriate software version and start the installation.

Choose the name of the Jatheon folder under your Outlook:




Once the installation is done, you should be able to see the new Jatheon folder under your Outlook:




Login under the Account Settings section using your Jatheon Cloud credentials:




You can select how many results you want to initially display.

Click on the "New Search" icon and conduct your simple search:




Under the "Text" section choose the keyword you are searching for, select the time frame, and the part of the email you are searching through - run the search "Search Archive":




You will have the search results on the left-hand part of the screen and the email preview on the right-hand side of the screen.

Use simple drag and drop action to copy emails to any of the existing Outlook folders, like the Inbox folder.

Attachments: You can not immediately view attachments, you must previously download them. If you try to open them before downloading a proper message will appear explaining to you what you need to do. first.








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