How to Add Audit Logs to a Case and View All Audit Logs in a Case

To add an Audit Log to a specific Case, just follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the Audit section
  2. Find the Audit Log that you wish to add to the Case and click on the More Menu
  3. Select Add to Case option
  4. Choose the Case to add to (only the active cases will be presented here, in the alphabetical order).


Once you select a Case, the Audit Log will be added to it and a success toast notification will appear.

The Case name will appear in the Audit Log slideout. 

If you want to view this Audit Log, as well as other audit logs added to a Case, head over to the Cases section. There, find the Case you want to view the items for and click on the Edit option. 

The Audit Logs tab is the third one. There, you will find the list of all audit logs added to a specific Case. The following columns will be shown:

  • Date and Time
  • User
  • Action
  • Object ID
  • Object
  • Status
  • Action column - option to Remove from Case.

The table initially presents the last 50 Audit Logs, but you can easily change the number of items per page to 10 or 25. 


Once you click on the Remove from Case option in the More Menu, the Audit Log will disappear from this list and will not have the Case Tag anymore. A success toast notification will appear once the Audit Log is removed from the case.



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