How to Manage Cases

As a Compliance Officer or a user with the appropriate Manage Cases permission, you can:

  • View the list of all the Cases created in your organization
  • Create a new Case
  • Edit existing Cases
  • Delete a Case 
  • Close/Reactivate a Case.

In order to view the list of all the Cases, head over to the Cases section in the main sidebar.


There you will see the existing Cases.

By default, you will see the standard pagination presenting the latest 50 Cases. However, you can easily change the number of items per page to 10 or 25. 


The Cases table consists of the following columns:

  • Status - Active or Closed
  • Color - the color of the Case Tag that can be changed in the table by clicking on the color dropdown and choosing one of the suggested colors
  • Case Name and Description
  • Items - total number of items tagged with this Case - it can include Emails, Audit Logs or Keyword Lists
  • Date Created - the date when the Case was created
  • Created By - the email of the user who created the Case
  • Actions - the option to Edit, Close, Activate and Delete a Case (please note that Close and Activate actions exclude each other).

If you want to create a new Case, you need to click on the New Case button. A popover will appear where you will need to enter the following information:

  • Case Name (mandatory) - 30 characters limit
  • Case Description (optional) - 200 characters limit
  • Case Tag Color.  

Then, click the Create Case button. Once the Case is created, a success toast notification will appear. 


If you want to edit an existing Case, you need to find the Case in the table. Then, click on the Edit option that appears when you hover over the case row. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the Single Case page where you can change/view the Case relevant information:

  • Case Name
  • Case Description
  • Case Tag Color
  • Date Created
  • Created By.


Clicking on the Close option from the Action menu will close the Case. That Case Tag will not appear anymore when going through the Add to Case flow in any of the sections - Search Results, Audit Logs or Keywords.

You can reactivate the Closed Case by clicking on the Activate option from the More menu that appears once you hover over the Case row. A confirmation popup will appear so you can confirm the Case closing.


Once the Case is closed/reactivated, you will see a success toast notification. 


You can also delete a Case when you no longer need to have any track about it by clicking on the Delete option in the More menu. You will, however, need to delete all the items first in order to be able to proceed with the Case deletion. Once the Case is deleted, a success toast notification will appear. 


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