Jatheon cCore App Features

If you're here, it means you've probably already downloaded the app from either:

If not, you can go to the links above and get the app, and then start using Jatheon cCore on your mobile phone too. 

Once you tap on the app icon, you'll see a screen that displays two apps:

  • cCore app
  • Jatheon Cloud


Tap the Go to Jatheon cCore option. 

You'll see a Login form where you need to enter the correct credentials - Email and Password. You will also need to add the Host/Port information.

In case you are not sure what to enter here, please contact your administrator or consult Jatheon Support team. 


After that, you will be in the app and can start working right away.

Here's an overview of actions you can carry out in the app:

Search emails

  • Search for a word or phrase in your emails (Simple search) by entering:
    • Search term (in case you enter a Search Term, you will need to enter the Fields to Search in and vice versa)
    • Search Fields you want to search through
    • Date Range (set to the period of the last 2 weeks by default)


Once you tap the Search Now button, you will either see the appropriate Search results or the No results state (in case none of the emails match the selected search criteria).

You can also easily reset the search by tapping the Reset Search option (note that all the fields except for the Date Range field will be reset)


You can tap on any of the emails and you will get to the Single Email screen where you will be able to:

View Single Email

In the Single Email screen, you will see the following data:

  • Email subject
  • Tag(s) (if any)
  • Date
  • Size
  • From, To, CC, BCC
  • Attachment(s) with the option to download a single one by tapping on it
  • Body


And in case you tap the More menu, you'll be able to perform these Single Email actions:

  • Restore
  • Forward


Restore email

Once you tap the Restore button, you'll see the confirmation dialog. 


You just need to confirm the action by tapping the Restore button. The user who's logged in will then get this email restored in that mailbox.

Forward email

Once you tap the Forward option, you'll see a new screen where you will be able to choose whom to forward the email. There will be To, CC, BCC fields, as well as the Message that you want to include. You can also change the default Subject: Fwd: [Actual email subject].


Once you tap the Send button, you'll see a confirmation dialog and then the email will be sent to all the email addresses provided.





Log Out

You can log out by tapping the hamburger menu and then the Log Out option. 



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