How to Add or Remove Emails to/from a Policy

Affected Software Version: 1.1.26 and up
Role: Admin

Log into your Jatheon cCore appliance with Admin privileges. Construct and execute your search (simple or advanced). Once you have your search results, select the emails you'd like to add to the previously created policy (or check the "select all messages" box ) and click the Apply Policy icon.

In the next pop-up window, choose if you want to add only the previously selected emails or all emails from the search results. Select the policy you are adding emails to. Execute by hitting the Apply button.

You'll see a pop-up notification confirming that the emails have been successfully added to the policy:


To view the total number of emails captured under the certain policy, choose Policy tab and select the policy you'd like to review emails for. Click on the Hits under the TOTAL MESSAGES to review all emails captured by the policy:



To remove messages from a policy, select the emails you'd like to remove (once under Policy/Hits) and click the Remove From Policy icon.

The Policy Task 

If you are adding or removing a large number of emails to/from a policy, you should use the Policy task, which gives you the option to add/remove emails silently in the background, freeing up web interface for other activities.

Note that in order to use this option, your search needs to be saved first.

Switch to the Admin menu, choose Message Source/Policy tab.

Click on the Edit button, provide an email address to receive the notification once the task finishes. Choose the policy you are adding emails to, select Add Message to Policy as the Task type and select the saved search. Save the changes and Execute the task.

This action can also be scheduled by setting the scheduled time. For manual, one-time execution, just save and execute the task.

This task can also be used to remove emails from a policy, especially if there's a large number of emails in the policy. Select Remove Message From Policy as the Task type, then Save and Execute the task.

You can monitor progress by reviewing the log under the History section. Make sure you've selected the Add/Remove From Policy Task in the first drop-down menu and the appropriate date range. Hit the Refresh button to reload the log.





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