How to Set Up Legal Hold

Affected software version: 1.1.26 and up
Role: Compliance Officer

Once you log in to the appliance, go to the Policy tab on the left. Once there, the Legal Hold is the second tab at the top of the screen.

Here you can click the Add button to add a legal hold policy. At the bottom, you can enter the name of the rule and the description and click Save.

Once the legal hold policy rule has been created, you can add messages to it at any time directly from your search results page.

To add a message to a policy select the message in question using the checkbox next to it on the search results page then click the add to policy button (top left).


On the popup window select the policy from the dropdown and press Apply. Alternatively you can add all results to the policy but selecting All instead of Selected.

Once done, you can go to the Policy on the left then click on the Legal Hold tab and each rule will have the number of hits, or captured/added messages, displayed on the right. You can click this number to display all messages that are being held by this rule.



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