How to Add/Remove a Comment to/from an Email

Log into your Jatheon cCore appliance with Admin privileges. Construct and execute your search (simple or advanced). Once you have your search results, select the email you'd like to comment on and click the Comment icon:


You can now enter your comment. The comment won't be visible to end users and the owner of the email. Only compliance officers with appropriate privileges can comment and view comments.


For more information about setting roles and permissions under the Jatheon cCore system, please read this article on how to configure and manage user roles

Once you've entered your comment, the users with privileges will see a notification that the email has a comment. Under the comment section, compliance officers can review the comment:

To remove a comment, click on the x under the comment section of the email and confirm. Note that comments can only be removed by users who have the permission to do so:



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