How to Get Onboarded for WhatsApp Archiving

Once your account is enabled for WhatsApp Archiving by Jatheon Cloud Support Team, as an Account Admin or MSP Admin, you will be able to go to the Company Settings (Edit Client in case of an MSP Admin)


In order to manage the users that should be set for WhatsApp Archiving by going to the WhatsApp tab



The entire onboarding process is as follows: 

There are two tabs - Archiving and Not Archiving in the WhatsApp tab. 

Not Archiving tab will present the list of all the users belonging to your organization that have the Mobile Phone Number added.

In case there are some users that you want to add the phone number for, you should go to the Users section and update the information regarding the Mobile Phone Number. The easiest way might be to prepare the CSV file with the list of all the users that should be updated with the Mobile Phone Number and just import the CSV file in the Users section. 
How to Manage Users
How to Import Users by Uploading a CSV File


You will be able to set a single user to be added for WhatsApp archiving, by either clicking the checkbox on the left from it and use the Bulk Action button - Enable Archiving for 1 User or click on Archive button that sits on the right-hand side of the.  You can use the same bulk button if you want to archive more users. 


Click on the Archive button in order to initiate an email to be sent to the selected user(s).
It will contain a link that would take the user to the Jatheon webpage with the QR code that will need to be scanned by them on the Phone that is related to the entered Phone number.

In order to be able to finalize successfully this step, the user will need to go to WhatsApp app on their phone, go to Settings and choose WhatsApp Web.
There is an option to Link a Device that should be clicked and a QR scanner will appear.
The user needs to scan the QR code that gets presented on the page once the email link is clicked on. The user should just wait for a few seconds for everything to get connected and will be presented with the Success Message once everything is set. 

Only once it is scanned and confirmed the Status in the Table below will become Archiving

There is also an option to search for the specific user by entering his/her Email or a Phone Number so that you can easily find the user listed below in the table. 

Standard pagination is included, with the options of presenting 10, 25, 50 and 100 users. 

Archiving tab presents the list of all the users set for WhatsApp Archiving along with the appropriate status:

  • Not Connected - this is the status that the user gets as soon as he/she is added to the archiving
  • Archiving - this is the status that the user gets as soon as he/she scans the QR code and the archiving starts
  • Logged Out - this is the status that the user get if he/she is logged out

To Disable Archiving for one or multiple users click on Disable Archiving option that sits in the More menu appearing on the right-hand side of the row of the specific user or by selecting the users by clicking on the checkbox on the left and then choosing the bulk Disable Archiving for x Users option. 


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