How to Configure Google Mail to Send to Jatheon Cloud (Content Compliance)

A short guide on configuring Google Mail journaling.

Add Email Settings

 1. Log in to the Google Apps administrator control panel.

 2. In the top left corner, click the dropdown menu and select Apps.



3. Click on the Google Apps box.

4. Click Gmail.

5. Scroll down to Advanced settings and click on it.

6. Then, scroll down to Content compliance and click CONFIGURE.

7. On the Add setting page, select each of the following options to enforce content-based policies for inbound, outbound, and internal emails by matching one or more expressions to different areas of the email (e.g., body, header, and subject):

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Internal – sending
  • Internal – receiving


7. In the Add setting dialog box, in step 2, select If ANY of the following match the message, and under Expressions, click Add

8. From the dropdown menu, select Advanced content match; the Advanced content options will be displayed.

Select the following options:

  • From Location, select Full Headers.
  • From Match type, select Contains text.

In the Content field, enter all domain names for which you want to archive mail:

9. Click Save.


10. Under Also deliver to, click Add Recipients and under Recipient Address enter provided journaling email address. 


11. Click Save


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