How to Configure Exchange 2013/2016 Journaling

Affected version: Exchange 2013/2016  
Role: n/a 

In order to configure Exchange 2013/2016 to work with Jatheon archiving appliance we need to do 3 things. The first thing that needs to be done is to create a SMTP contact - so the Exchange knows where to send journaled messages. The second thing we need to do is to create a SEND CONNECTOR - so the Exchange knows how to send journaled messages over to the Jatheon archiver and the 3rd thing we have to configure is the JOURNALING - which is the mechanism Microsoft uses to send a copy of each message from the Exchange over to the Jatheon appliance. 


Open your Exchange Admin Center :

Create a new Mail Contact in Exchange 2013 with the correct name and External SMTP email address. You can call it Jatheon. The important part is setting the external email address. The email address that you will put here is journalmaster@fqdn of the Jatheon appliance ( ). This is the email address on the Jatheon appliance that will be used to receive all the email from the Exchange.


Log in to the EAC, click mail flow in the left pane, select send connectors at the top of the page, and then click the + symbol to create a new send connector:

Here we want to create a special connector that will rout email to the Jatheon appliance. Click on the + icon and create a new connector, call it Jatheon, leave the connector as custom. The address space for this connector will be the fqdn of the appliance ( ) and the cost should be 1. The newly created Jatheon connector should have the lowest cost of all existing connectors on the Exchange server . Make sure that you increase the cost of all the other existing connectors to be at least 9 apart from Jatheon connector ( 10, 20,... ) .This will not affect your environment, it just allows Exchange to chose connectors wisely. 

We can use the DNS to route email to Jatheon , but it is much faster if we don't even query the DNS. So what we just did is that we said that all the email destined to the Jatheon appliance will go directly to the Jatheon appliance. In the next step, since there is no authentication for the Jatheon appliance leave it as none and then if you don't have your default Exchange Server add it in the next step.


Log in to the EAC, click compliance management in the left pane, select journal rules and add a new journaling rule:

Under *If the message is sent to or received from ... select Apply to all messages  
Under *Journal the following messages ... select  Apply to all messages
and save the changes.

Make sure that the new journaling rule is set as enabled.


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