How to Set Up Office 365 to Journal to Jatheon

Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft. That means that it is never on your internal network. Jatheon appliance, on the other hand, must be on your internal network (intranet). Being outside your network, Office 365 cannot resolve the appliance’ address, and the only thing it can see is your company’s firewall. For this reason, the journaling process cannot be established directly as on the on premises Exchange versions. To solve this problem, Office 365 forwards messages to the firewall. However, firewall rules must be set so that it forwards all messages to the internal fully qualified domain name of the Jatheon appliance, while the archiving appliance needs to be set to accept all incoming emails from the firewall.

In short, what you need to do is:

  1. First, you need to add a type A DNS record pointing to the external IP address of your company’s gateway/router. Also, it has to be static IP address.

Let’s assume you choose the hostname: for your external IP. Then you'll have to send all the journaled messages to the following email address: journalmaster@

2. Next part is to be done on your Firewall - Everything that comes to on the port 25 has to be forwarded to the Jatheon’s internal IP address on the port 25, too. (It’s the same as if you were running a web-site behind your gateway, only the port is different - 25 instead of 80.)
After that is done, we only need to make a small change on the appliance, so it can accept messages from the firewall/router. We need to add the firewall’s FQDN to the Destination field in the Fido menu. Jatheon Support Engineers will connect, apply these settings and verify the emails are being journaled as expected. Please provide the info on the firewall’s FQDN to the Jatheon Support Engineer.

3. On o365 you need to create a new journaling rule in Compliance Management menu and set "Send Journal reports to":
Use the Office 365 admin portal to set the rule:
Log into Microsoft Online Portal with your Office 365 admin account. Click on Admin and select Exchange from the drop down menu. Click on compliance management and then on journal rules.
Before you can create a journaling rule you must specify the mailbox to receive undelivered journaling reports. Use “ Send undelivered journal reports to “ to chose the mailbox.

Once you have chosen the mailbox to receive undelivered reports you can create the journaling rule :
Under compliance manager tab on the left find journaling rule tab in the upper section and click on the + icon to create a new rule. Fulfill required fields
• Under “Send journal reports to” type : ( use the hostname you’ve created under step 1 ).
• Give a name to the new rule – preferable Jatheon
• Under “If the message is sent to or received from...” – chose “Apply to all messages”
• Under “Journal the following messages” – chose “All messages”

Once you save the changes you should see that the new rule has been created and make sure it is set as On ( Enabled).



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