What is the Difference Between Email Backup and Email Archiving?

“Backup” and “Archive” sound similar, but archiving has several significant advantages over a backup.

Unalterable Format

A backup is a simple copy, free to be edited or deleted. An archive (an email archive in this case) is etched in stone. Once your emails are archived, they cannot be altered. Not only is this key for preventing tampering, but it’s essential for compliance with multiple pieces of regulation.

Indexed for Fast Search

Tapes are quick to write data, but slow to search for a specific piece of data. An email archive indexes each message so it can be found using keyword searches that include both content and metadata. This means finding what you’re looking for within your email archive in seconds, not hours or days.

Relieves Strain from Email Server

By moving old emails from your email server to an email archive, you can improve your email system’s performance by significantly reducing its workload. And users will still have access to these emails at the click of a button.

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