Why is Email Archiving Important?

It is not an overstatement to say that information that is critical to any businesses – client communications, documents, records, contracts, invoices – flows through its email system. Often, this information is lost or locked away in individual inboxes, frustratingly inaccessible when needed the most, and hostage to a fickle email system or a disgruntled employee on his way out. An email archiving system ensures that all this information is stored, backed-up and safeguarded centrally on an ongoing basis.


Email archiving systems have search and discovery tools built into them to ensure that your organization has access to the specific information it needs, when it needs it.

Legal Concerns

Despite your organization’s best intentions, the time may come when it must protect itself from litigation. By preserving and storing business email and instant message communications, an email archive will allow you to produce historical communications records under subpoena. Failure to produce these records can have disastrous results. Small businesses are frequently guilty of putting themselves at risk for penalties of this kind.On the other hand, the presence of historical email records may help your organization (or small business owner) in building a case in litigation against, for example, a defaulting partner.

HR Benefits

The HR department may find an email archiving system to be an invaluable tool at their disposal, and a protection against staff email misuse. Numerous situations can be thought of to exemplify this – an in house investigation, monitoring for workplace harassment, or arbitration of employee tribunal cases before going to court. A mail archiving system makes finding the necessary emails simple.

Email Management

The amount of email data handled by the average email server is growing at an explosive rate. By off-loading older email from the email server, an email archiving appliance allows the IT department to manage email storage with minimum effort, increasing employee productivity as well as system performance.


The only people excited about compliance issues are compliance officers and policy makers. It’s no secret, however, that an organization that ignores email compliance regulations is at great risk. Many if not all industry compliance regulations include standards for retention of email data, and an email archiving solution is a cost-effective way to stay in the clear.

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